Bysted myths about steroids


There are certainly plenty of myths that people believe about steroids. Some of those are plain myths while others are not myth anymore. Before you decide to buy and use anabolic steroids, you should proceed to explore these busted myths for your own knowledge and convenience.

Myth 1: Steroids diminish endurance

This myth has been around for a long ago. Before you really go to buy steroids online, you must know about this busted myth. Steroids rather enhance endurance by producing more  red blood cells in your body. Red blood cells are really essential for increasing your endurance to a great extent.

Myth 2: Women are to look like men

There are so many women that take steroids these days but none of them end up looking like a man. Apart from professional women bodybuilders and athletes, normal gym enthusiast women also prefer to use anabolic steroids for some reason or other. They may grow muscle or lose some of their smooth skin, but they do not end up looking like men.

Myth 3: Steroid is a quick fix

Contrary to popular belief, steroids are not a quick fix. It is rather important for you to take steroids for a long period of time to get substantial results. Along with steroids, proper dieting and physical exercises are also required in getting your muscle growth. Therefore, steroids are not considered to be some magic pills that give you results immediately. Before you buy steroids, you must consider this aspect seriously.

Myth 4: Penis shrinks

Many men think that taking anabolic steroids makes your penis shrink. But it is far from being true. In some cases, your testicles may reduce to some extent but your penis never gets reduced in any way. The testicle reduction can be reversed to say the least. Therefore, this is surely considered to be a busted myth which is very essential for men to know.

Myth 5: Steroids induce depression

This is another myth that steroid users tend to get depressed over time. This is not true. If an individual sticks to the proper recommended dosage and amount prescribed by their doctor, they should get several benefits out of the product. They are never going too depressed after using steroids. Steroids are there to induce positive moods in many individuals. Hence, you have every reason to use this product to say the least.

Myth 6: Stunted growth

Many people actually believe that steroids are there to cause stunted growth among its users but this is also a busted myth to say the least. Once you buy and use online steroids, you are to get several perks and benefits out of it. It is never going to stunt your growth in any way. Therefore, there should not be any mental block in you for which you should feel hesitated to use anabolic steroids of any kind. 

What are busted myths regarding steroid usage?

Steroids have several myths that people still believe. Among all the busted myths out there, stunted growth is considered to be the most popular one. On the other hand, another busted myth is that women end up looking like men after steroid use. Moreover, they also believe that steroids are to induce depression among its users.

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