Testosterone – The Prime Hormone Required for Hormone Therapy


Testosterone is the prime anabolic component. Most of the anabolic substances contain either testosterone-base or DHT or Dihydrotestosterone. This is the prime synthetic component to be used during hormone therapy. The bodybuilders and patients, as well as transsexual people try testosterone to naturalize their physical appearances. It can be consumed in the forms of injectable and oral substances.


Rather than pushing the body with lack of testosterone potency, it will always be ideal to move with testosterone supplements to promote wellbeing. The bodybuilders opts for greater muscles on their bodies with added hardness that only testosterone can offer them. In order to gain greater anabolic prowess to the body, purchasing testosterone components and applying them according to the suggestions would be ideal. It can also enhance sexual wellbeing as well.


Testosterone, the key substance of the male body can be straightforwardly used according to the availability to meet the both individual and clinical utility measures. Testosterone has an anabolic-androgenic level of 100:100 and is known to help the hormonal force among the customers. In all honesty, once in a while, the part may be a lot of important for the treatment of transgender men by allowing them to have hormonal stability.


Side effects of testosterone include weight gaining in a massive measure, exposure to the hepatic problems, and having various androgenic side effects such as male-pattern baldness, losing sexual potency, as well as gynecomastia. Female users may suffer from virilization with the use of testosterone components. Other than these factors, testosterone components may offer a greater exposure to roid-rage among the users. The androgenic hardness may offer unnatural masculinity among the female users. Losing sexual potency with estradiol conversion due to controlled SHBG may startle general wellbeing as well.


Testosterone is the first ever anabolic steroid to be used medically and exponentially for bodybuilding. The beginners’ cycle for testosterone may begin with 200mgs in the first week. It may reach up to 350mgs in the 7th week. The use of the cycle can increase 20lbs of the lean mass and 30 to 50lbs of the anabolic strength mass.


The dosages of testosterone components mostly depend on the injectable and oral components that the users consider while taking their shots. The injectable testosterone can be consumed with Winstrol, Test-propionate, Test cypionate and other testosterone-based anabolic supports. Winstrol is an oral component, so isAnavar, Anadrol, and other oral pills. The dosage regulations may vary from one person to the other. However, while consuming testosterone, female users need to be cautious about the possible side effects.


Testosterone is a prime anabolic component to promote wellbeing and bodybuilding stability programs. Altogether, the components with testosterone base can bring light to a better future for anabolic users. The components for bodybuilding or raw testosterone may even be useful for restoring physical capacities, restoring androgenic capacities and more among the users of all ages. The medical use of testosterone should be conducted under the surveillance of the medical professionals to avoid exposures to various risks.

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